Hey! I’m Sam, and I really don’t like spiders. In fact, I’m one of the millions of people in the USA who suffer from arachnophobia.

But I actually created this website for my wife. My wife HATES spiders, and if she sees one then it can immediately trigger stress and anxiety for her.

For years before we sat down to watch a movie or play a game, I would have to search online to make sure that it didn’t feature any spiders, otherwise, my wife would refuse to watch or play. When I searched online I’d usually find conflicting information, and on more than one occasion we’d be watching a movie or playing a game, and BAM….spiders, and an upset wife.

So I thought, screw it. I’m going to roll my sleeves up and make the website that my wife and people like my wife need. Are there spiders? Let’s hope not, but if there are then I’ll make sure you know about it.